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Dine well. Do good.

Image of a Chef Trainer and participant together. The chef trainer looks on as the participant stirs something in a pot on the front line of Inspiration Kitchens.
Four different entrees served at Inspiration Kitchens, including pancakes with powdered sugar and pears, eggs benedict with potatoes, eggs sunnyside up with fried chicken, biscuits, and potatoes, and a fresh garden salad. All the entrees are arranged on four swuare white plates.
A man in a dark chef coat, wearing a face mask and hat, is in the process of scooping food into meal containers to be served to people in need. The meal containers are metal, with fresh vegetables and pasta in the meal.

Job Training

Learn more about our Food Service Training Program


Open for dine-in on Fridays and Saturdays for lunch and brunch


Enjoy our wide array of options, from box lunches to on-site events

Photo of foodservice training taking place at Inspiration Kitchens. The photo features a chef trainer with three participants in training. Together, they are at a table learning about different ways to cut vegetables.

Our work is about more than just delicious food.

Inspiration Kitchens, located in the East Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago, is the social enterprise restaurant and job training facility of Inspiration Corporation, a non-profit with more than 30 years of experience providing services to Chicagoans experiencing homelessness and poverty. When you dine with us, the proceeds go directly to support our programs benefitting those in need. 

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